Toppen på Gislaved

Toppen på Gislaved means The top of Gislaved and refers to the nothern rural areas of Gislaved municipality.
But Toppen på Gislaved is also a non-profit organization that works for making our part of the municipality even more attractive.

To be able to maintain the service level for the residents we need to increase the number of inhabitants. We are for instance very keen to strengthen the school and to ensure its development.
In the past year there are 12 younger families who have moved into the area. We belive it is easier to attract more young people when we have this drive. Therefore we make this investment in an English web site and participated in the Emigration fair in Utrecht February 7-8.
If you met Olle and Eva there, and want to contact them again, please use the label "Kontakta oss" at the top.

We need you, what do you need?

A packet of seeds

At the fair in Utrecht, we choose to hand out small packets of seeds instead of business cards. On the back of each bag you will find information about Toppen på Gislaved and contact details.
The packet contains a mix of the most common summer flower seeds and can be sown this spring to bloom in the summer


What can we offer you?

When interviewing immigrants they mention peace and quiet, the pace of life and the countryside just around the corner.

And that's right, you don't hear any traffic from your backyard, there are no traffic jam to get stuck in but the jam on your pancakes can be made from the berries you picked last summer.

What we also would like to highlight are the possibilities to participate in different activities arranged by associations in the area.

Here we are.

Enjoy the photos from our area!

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